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Restoration Triumph TR8 V8 (ex. "works") | 07-1979 | 49.264 ml | €29.950,00














79.282 km



115 KW (156 PK)







De auto

"One of a Kind" is another understatement for this British coupe! 

This very rare TR8, probably the only one worldwide, has matching numbers and has only driven 49,000 miles. 

This was the ex-Reconnaissance car of the Works rally team, ridden by Per Eklund, Simo Lampinen and Tony Pond. 

The TR8 has spent two years exploring the Ypres Rally, but also, for example, Finland's 1000 Lakes and countless other prestigious rallies worldwide. A complete file is available in which the complete history is displayed. Includes handwritten letters, receipts and invoices from Bill Price, the director of the Leylands Works team. 

In addition, more evidence from Del Lines Atlantic Garage that prepared the car.

No expense has been spared to restore the car very professionally. The car has been taken apart down to the last bolt. The body has been in the oven and is in the epoxy. The engine block has been overhauled, the car is identical as it left the factory. The engine is "blueprinted". Yes, I had to look that up too :-) But it means the following: 

- among other things, the connecting rods and pistons have been weighed and it has been ensured that all 8 reach the same height relative to each other,

- combustion chambers and also the heads have been read (content combustion chambers made equal). 

At the time, the TR8 was equipped with a limited slip differential by Del Lines. Countless invoices, supporting documents, manuals, etc. are available. 

There is no more beautiful on this planet, especially with this unique history! 


The Triumph was purchased in 2011 from the third owner who has driven it for 11,000 Miles since 1984. The previous owner took the car apart in the autumn of 2011 and took 7 years on this intensive and more than professional restoration before the car was restored. got on the road. Searching for the right original parts in particular was a considerable challenge for him at times.

In 2018, this red coupe hit the road again. Since then 1,200 Miles driven and inspected twice with a random check both times. Coincidentally, it was the same judge both times: on the second time, the best man did not even look at the car. He was deeply impressed by the quality of this British gentleman.


This is only a small part of what has been done on the car: 

- everything has been overhauled: engine, original alternator, rear axle, 

- new air conditioning pump, still needs to be filled with R412, 

- Bluetooth 123 ignition in old housing, 

- car is completely stripped from the paint in the oven, blasted and sprayed in epoxy: never rust again, 

- underbody is completely in 3M and then sprayed, 

- all rubbers are from Powerflex (best from Australia), 

- everything made of aluminum is vapour-blasted, 

- everything is powder coated up to the tank, 

- many time-specific accessories, Blaupunkt Berlin, Lucas square eights fog lights, 

- a 1978 cruise control separate from the car, 

- original rally Garello spotlights.


Appraisal value is €34,000.00 Appraisal 

report is of course included. 

220 pieces were ever built and it is estimated that there are still about 30 left 


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